CNN's Burnett: How could you not define that as a person?

Along with many other defenders of the unborn I’ve long thought that technology was our greatest ally in convincing the public that abortion is the taking of life.  We keep hearing stories about increasingly premature babies surviving after emergency birth and 3-D sonograms.  This forces pro-abortion activists to confront their central belief that a baby is just a bunch of cells.

Live Action News highlighted this interview from CNN:

An eight-minute segment on Monday night reached a turning point when CNN host Erin Burnett exclaimed: “That baby was 8 pounds, 2 ounces. He was going to be born in a couple of days. How could you not define that as a person? That is a viable life.”

Burnett covered the story of Heather Surovik, who was days away from giving birth to her son, Brady. She was returning from her final prenatal checkup when a drunk driver on his fifth DUI smashed into her car. Although Heather and her other family members survived, Brady did not. Since Colorado law does not recognize pre-born children as persons, state prosecutors could charge the drunk driver only with destroying Heather’s vehicle, not with Brady’s death.

After interviewing Heather and her mom, Erin Burnett was convinced that Brady should have been considered a person under Colorado law. So why has Colorado’s Democratic-controlled legislature shot down previous fetal homicide bills that would have protected him? Because admitting that killing Brady was a criminal offense puts the dishonest abortion narrative in jeopardy.

Interview here:



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