Same Day Breitbart Posts Scoop, Politico Mocks Us as Scoopless

It’s bad enough Politico’s Dylan Byers is a palace guard for Obama’s media palace guards, but it’s his reading comprehension that’s most bothersome. On the same day we publish a scoop on the Menendez scandal, Beyers mocks us for, uhm, not getting scoops.

Maybe what Byers really means is “scoops that don’t damage Democrats.”

But back to reading comprehension…

Byers might think he launched some blistering attack against conservative media today, but what he’s really doing is admitting that the mainstream media he works so hard to toadie up to (in order to get “scoops” in the form of press releases about media personnel changes about 6  minutes before they go public) isn’t doing its job.

But the conservative media’s scoops will always be the elite media’s “old news” or “conspiracy theories” or “racist” or “unimportant” — you know, like Obama’s past associations and shaky land deals, the state of the economy, four dead Americans in Libya, gun-running in Mexico, green energy cronyism, and hundreds of millions in unreported campaign contributions.

You see, that’s not reporting, that’s launching racist attacks against The State.

Can’t have that.