A fine rant from Senator Paul

In response to Flush Twice, It’s a Long Way to the Department of Energy:

I’m also doing what I can to spread the love for this tirade from Sen. Paul, because this is exactly what we needed against Obama in 2016.  This is the stuff that gets to average folks.  It demolishes the silly notion that Obama’s vast, impersonal, overweening government somehow “understands” how “working Americans” live, and the “he really understands me” factor was a major reason Obama got to skate by on his appalling record.  Even low-information voters have to flush that toilet ten times, and don hazmat suits to clean up their broken cancer-causing CFL light bulbs.

Maybe it’s time to update the Gadsden Flag so the snake is sitting on a flush toilet that actually works, with an incandescent light bulb clenched in its fangs.