Tony Bennett: Wonderful Artist, Political Lunatic

86 year-old Tony Bennett is in the news again, this time for uttering yet-another bit of left-wing lunacy. Yesterday, in a press conference loaded with anti-Second Amendment celebrities wearing their prescription-less “smart” glasses, Bennett claimed that gun ownership would turn America into Nazi Germany. Even though, you know, one of Hitler’s early chess moves towards the “Final Solution” was to confiscate guns from Jews.

Back in 2011, although he later apologized, and in the heart of our mourning the ten-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Bennett blamed America for 9/11.

In 2007, I saw Bennett perform at the Hollywood Bowl. Though he was already 80, he was fabulous. I’ve also always loved Bennett for his part in keeping the torch of The Mighty Frank Sinatra’s greatness lit.

But just like *that* a living legend can wipe out all the goodwill built up over a lifetime, which is exactly what Bennett’s done.

It’s going to be a long before we’re able to sit back and enjoy his extraordinary artistry without thinking of his cruel, anti-American stupidity.