Sec. of State Kris Kobach Keynotes Topeka 2nd Amendment Rally


There was an impressive turnout at the second round of 2nd Amendment rallies that took place at 10:00 am, today, at State Capitols throughout the nation. Twitchy has a good round-up, here.

Trenton NJ saw a reported 1000 gun supporters show up for their rally.

I didn’t see a quote on the numbers in Salem OR, but look at the pix.

Not too shabby for a completely grassroots, weekday event.

The Topeka rally was not organized by any particular group. It was publicized on Facebook, and attracted a more modest crowd of about 200. I was amongst them with my flip camera, (which soon ran out of batteries) and my iphone. My post is here.

My video of Secretary of State, Kris Kobach was taken with my iphone, so visually it’s not impressive, but it’s worth listening to because Kobach gave an excellent speech on the history of the 2nd Amendment, it’s purpose, and what’s going on in Kansas to protect it.


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