Friday Night Question

As I sit here on a Friday night watching one of the half a dozen shows about wedding dresses on The Learning Channel (TLC) I pose this question: Which channel has strayed the furthest from its original programming: TLC, Bravo or MTV?

Wikipedia tells me TLC was originally founded by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare and NASA.  Now it shows Honey Boo Boo.  I’m not that familiar with TLC’s programming aside from the wedding shows, Sisterwives, and Gypsies, but I think they still run A Baby Story, which I suppose could teach you something about the birthing process. 

Bravo is my go-to channel for reality shows.  Seriously, I watch them all (except Kathy Griffin’s talk show – I have some standards!).  They still show movies from time to time, as well The Actor’s Studio, but it has very little of its original indie films, performing arts and drama programming.  Well, unless you count Real Housewives catfights as drama.

Then there’s the butt of all what-it-used-to-be jokes, MTV.  Music Television is now Teen Mom Television.  And guys hitting one another in the groin.

What do you think?  Who has strayed the furthest: TLC, Bravo or MTV? 

(How do I tag this post in the “This Is Why I’m Single” category?)