Iowahawk's Story is Red-Hot, But… It Ultimately Comes from Infowars

I just linked this story on my blog, and a reader, @tsrblke, let me know that if you click through all the way, the “news report” the Examiner (not the Washington Examiner, but that online Examiner outfit) cites turns out to be a post at conspiracy-monger Alex Jones’ Infowars.

It’s a great story– but until, say, Breitbart’s Kerry Picket or Matt Boyle can confirm it, we probably ought not to treat it as true.

Hey, it could turn out to be true.  But it also could turn out to be Something I Heard On The Internet (TM).

By the way, the main point of this post was not to undermine Iowahawk or play some kind of primitive Superiority Game with him, knocking him down in the pecking order and asserting my dominance as the more desirable male.

That’s just what we call “a little bonus.”