All "Girls" Deserve a Happy Ending

In response to I’ve Finally Started Watching ‘Girls’…:

Great post, Ezra.  I haven’t seen “Girls” yet, but I was wary of the knee-jerk criticism that many had against it.  It reminded me of all the criticism of “Sex and the City” when it first aired.  Critics panned it for depicting “women having sex like men.”  If they had actually watched more than one or two episodes they would have seen that a central theme of the show was that the feminists’ notion of sexual freedom left them feeling alone.  By the end of the series, every character (including Samantha, the one who was “successful” in loveless dating) only found her happy ending after finding a committed partner or by starting a family. 

The hook-up culture has done a lot of damage to young women and men. Rather than immediately criticize the person holding up the mirror, conservatives should actually in engage in dialogue about the issues depicted in “Girls.”