If You Like Cameos from People Who Used to be on TV and in Movies Eight Years Ago…

… it’s great!

They’re obviously going for a different demographic than the one I’m in.  Justin Bieber was just the host (and musical guest, I imagine).  I don’t think he took his shirt off, but I imagine it was pitched in the writer’s room. 

I mean, everyone else does.  Taking off your shirt is the new “Ayyyyyy….”

They seem to pick the hosts to draw the tweener audience, and then cram the show with Star-Studded Cameos (such as Whoopie Goldberg) for the older viewers. 

So older people can say, “Oh wow, I recognize that person there I never liked.”

The Adam Levine show featured Three Fantabulous Celebrity Walk-Ons: Andy Samberg, who’s been gone such a short period of time we don’t really miss him; Cameron Diaz, who I think last co-starred with Steve McQueen in Nevada Smith; and Jerry Seinfeld, who retired from Being Funny in the eighties and now sells origami ducks made from million dollar bills on QVC.

There were a lot of Whoo!’s.  There weren’t many laughs.  Of course they dialed up the Comedy Knob when Adam Levine took off his shirt.  Emo girls need heartthrobs, too!

I swear to Murgatroyd every male star who has less than 25% bodyfat takes off his shirt now.  If Jamie Oliver ever hosts, bang, his shirt will be off, guaranteed.

Hell, if Guy Fiore hosts, there’s an 85% chance of it.

It’s not even in the context of a sketch.  It’s right in the beginning, the Host’s Monologue, and for no other reason than to show his abs.

The show isn’t entirely sexist.  Attractive young female hosts will also have a Host’s Monologue segment where cast members talk about how hot they are, and will often strip down to a leotard and bustier in a Surprise Sexy Dance Number that sort of stopped being surprising the eighth or ninth time.  This is to demonstrate to you that Anne Hathaway is a rootin’-tootin’ hot little number, in case you weren’t quite sure about it.

They should just change the name of the Host’s Monologue  to “We’re Cute and Awesome.”  Or, “We’re Cute and Awesome, and Here Too is Whoopie Goldberg.”

In response to Wow. I Didn’t Realize SNL Had Fallen So Low.


Oh, I Forgot: Even Joseph Gordon Leavitt (who I didn’t even realize was a Tweener Heartthrob) had to get his shirt off right up front, too.