Obama hack Cutter refuses to apologize for ‘felony’ claim

Obama spokespuppet Stephanie Cutter was the face of many of the worst moments of the 2012 presidential campaign. On ABC’s web extra for This Week, she declined to apologize for her wild speculation that Mitt Romney may have committed a “felony” after leaving Bain Capital. She also helped push the claim that Romney killed a man’s wife, then lied about it. She represents the worst of our divided, partisan political era.

In a country whose media were not in thrall to a political cult, Cutter would be drummed out of politics for good. Instead, she is privately–and not-so-privately–admired for her sheer audacity. She represents what the Obama camp has been taught is the highest good–the willingness to repeat any lie as many times as necessary to win, the idea being that the means justify the ends. Bring a gun to a knife-fight, Obama once said. She did.