Your Guide to Alternative Programming During the SOTU

In his latest column, Thaddeus McCotter wrote:

[M]any lament President Woodrow Wilson’s creation of the Federal Reserve Board  and rampant internationalism. But these historical indictments pale before his  presidency’s most notorious “unforeseen consequence”: He preempted Tuesday  night’s episode of “Vegas.”

After a century of our free republic surviving its absence, it was Wilson who  revived the “long-abandoned custom” of personally delivering the “Annual Message  to Congress,” i.e., the State of the Union  address. Now, Americans reap his bitter fruit on viewing screens cluttered with  a preening political class preempting our favorite shows.

This sad fact compelled me to see what our other viewing options are for February 12 at 9 p.m. eastern.  My recommendations.

– MyTV: House (rerun): He provides helpful advice if you’re concerned about missing the SOTU, “Everybody lies.”

– Lifetime: Dance Moms (new episode): This is what I’ll be watching. Seriously.

– Food Network: Chopped (rerun): It’s a competition chef show. It’s like what happens at the end of the month when you’re forced to make dinner for your family with what’s left in the pantry because your 2013 paycheck is now smaller.

– Bravo and Style Network: The Face (new episode): If you have spare time, try comparing instances of “I” from this model-contestant show with the number of “I”s in the SOTU.

– A&E: Storage Wars Texas (new episode): You know, that place where jobs go.

– History: Top Gear (new episode): The guys design an RV in this episode. Not clear if RVs will be used for recreation or for main residence after homes were foreclosed.

– USA: Westminster Dog Show (new): Go Dachshunds and Beagles!

– Other channels, probably: Hockey and basketball