GOProud gets shout-out in PA school

GOProud gets shout-out in PA school

This photo was recently shared on GOProud’s Facebook group.  GOProud is an organization of gay and straight Americans seeking to promote freedom by supporting free markets, limited government and a respect for individual rights. (Full disclosure: I am on their board.)

The student who snapped the photo wrote:

Look what I found in the halls of my high school!

Don’t know what the occasion is but this month there are pictures of inspiring people and organizations all over the ceilings and I was so pleasantly surprised to see GOProud!

Flabbergasted actually especially in a fairly liberal school and all the way in PA.

I know some may displeased with seeing this group promoted at a high school.  Since I’m sure they are also promoting left-wing groups, I’m glad to see that they welcome diversity of thought.