The Josh Marshall/Buzzfeed Ben Hissyfit, In GIFs

The genesis of this all was that Buzzfeed actually ran an article critical of Obama. 

That’s a headline right there.  Holy Mackerel. I could just stop this post right here and say I’ve done my duty.

But it went on from there, because if you’re shocked Buzzfeed Ben ran an article critical of Obama, you should have seen “Talking Points Memo” blogger Josh Marshall.  He was positively scandalized.

So scandalized, in fact, he busted out an absurd Racism Card to shut down this subversive non-party-approved messaging posthaste.

I gather the argument was about Josh Marshall’s defense of liberal hypocrisy over Obama’s unilateral kill-list assassinations of Americans, and Buzzfeed Ben’s noting that this was in fact hypocrisy. I wouldn’t know for sure, though, as I don’t read either one of them. But I think that’s the gist.

That’s the very basic background — @johnekdahl’s links and GIFs should tell the story from there.