Obama's Speech in Chicago's South Side, Just Another Photo Op

In response to As Obama gets under way in Chicago: Joel, I agree with you here. But I think you’re being a bit too generous. You’re right, Obama has helped to downplay and undermined the idea of individual responsibility–but I fear the damage is far more devastating. Obama hasn’t just undermined the notion of individual responsibility, he’s nuked it. 

Obama’s policies have pushed more American’s into food stamps dependence in four years, than President Bush did in eight. From “Obama phones” to ObamaCare, the soul-crushing cancer of dependency is spreading at breakneck speed. While Obama pays lip service to civic responsibility, as you suggest, his government-growing actions fly in the face of responsibility. 

Worse still is the opportunist nature of President Obama giving a speech in South Side Chicago where gun violence is routine. His speech won’t stop the shootings. The law-breaking gang bangers will keep killing. And his appearance, sadly, will serve as nothing more than a timely placed photo op.