The Carnival Triumph inkblot test

In response to False Consciousness & the Ship of the Poopie:

The sad tale of the Carnival Triumph gives people of every ideological persuasion something to see:

The average TV viewer feels sympathy for people going through an ordeal, when they were expecting a fun vacation.

The class warrior smiles in grim satisfaction at the sight of well-heeled leisure travelers rationing food and pooping into bags.

The anti-capitalist brims with contempt for the cruise line.

The Big Government enthusiast smells an opportunity for new regulations.  (And maybe some are needed, although the cruise lines will rely on registration with foreign entities to evade them.)

Those who take frequent cruises either congratulate themselves for avoiding such disasters, or worry that they might be next.

And the aggressive capitalist looks forward to discount prices on cruises in the near future, both from Carnival and competitors that will try to poach its market share in a moment of vulnerability.