Rich Masochists Against the 8th Amendment

In response to The Gun Discussion Seems to Involve a Battle Over a Cultural Preference…:

In talking with friends who are for gun control, alot of their statements seem to stem from personal preference.  One friend said she has no threat of a home invasion, so why should anyone else?  Another said there’s no longer a reason to hunt because meat is readily available in stores.  And in the case pf protection, obviously, there’s easy accessibility to whistles.  This line of thinking reminds me of laws about smoking in public places (and vice laws).  If I were dictator, I would ban smoking anywhere.  It gives me a headache, stinks and makes everyone around them stink.  Unfortunately, my intolerance for cigarette smoke is not a good basis for making laws.  Those who don’t use guns or understand the 2nd Amendment are all too happy to dismiss these rights because they don’t exercise them.  Laws (and rights) should not be made on personal preference, yet that is exactly what anti-2nd Amendment proponents are doing.