Another important message from a Hagel supporter

It would be wrong to tarnish all Hagel supporters, or Hagel himself, with the prejudices of a few–wrong, say, just like it was wrong for the media to tarnish the Tea Party based on the prejudices of–well, none.

But there’s a consistent theme to the pro-Hagel hate mail we’ve been getting:

Subject: Jewish War Heros?  Do they exist?

How many Jewish War Heros with Bronze Stars, and purple hearts, and other war medals exist? No, most of them are the subhuman (according to the Talmud) Goyim Gentiles sent to war for the sake of furthering Zionist goals in the Middle East. When I see thousands and thousands of Jews from all over America sacrificing their families, money, prestige, and comfort to go fight and get killed in these Zionist wars will be the time that I change my mind and support the Likudnik Israeli government. Name one Jewish Congressman who has served with shrapnel from the Vietnam war in their chest. You can’t. Your Jewish ally from the Daily News, Friedman, supports your anti-Hagel push. I could see that coming a million miles away. Real original Pollak and Shapiro. You guys are trendsetters. Ha!