Another important message from a Hagel supporter

What is it about Hagel that attracts these people? And will any Democrat speak out against them?

From the mailbag.

Subject: Bunch of crybabies

Pollak and Shapiro, grow up and be real men. You just don’t want to lose the Hagel battle since you’ve invested so much ego energy in fighting his nomination. There are so many more important battles to fight but it seems like most of your passion is defending the racist state of Israel. That’s why your a blog not a real news website. You’re still young synagogue boys trying to act like your tough. You grew up in Los Angeles right. How much time have you spent on Skid Row or in Compton? Bunch of wimpy Jewish suburban boys from rich homes with college degrees. How about a semester in Afghanistan? Naw, you’d rather serve in the IDF killing innocent Palestinian women and children fighting for their land and freedom.