This Banter Is Exquisite

How I pine for the craftsmanship of Bruce Villanche.

I haven’t seen male-female flirtation this credible since the “sexy” banter of Mr. & Mrs. Brady.

Glad they’re doing the Bond themes.  For my money, you just can’t go wrong with this as far as sex music. This, or like the theme to Silence of the Lambs.

How embarrassing is that Goldfinger/Cold Finger rhyme? Were they drunk when they wrote that?   I hope they were. Did they also get the producers drunk when they told them that rhyme?  “Cubby, we finally solved the problem of rhyming ‘Goldfinger.’  Here, drink this six bottles of scotch first.  Also, let me choke you out a bit.  It sounds better with a light asphyxia buzz on.”

I heard John Barry saying he couldn’t make “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” into a sung line, that the line just wouldn’t work.

Dude, you did “Such a cold finger.”  Bit late to grow a conscience now.  Like a hooker telling you she won’t kiss.  And do not get me started on that can of worms.