Ben AFLACK at the Oscar's

In response to The Irony of Michelle Obama’s Oscar Moment:

I saw Argo when it came out, one of four Best Picture nominated films I’ve seen so far. I thought it was excellent in part because it was tense and realistic but not deadly serious in the way most Oscar nominated films tend to be. Argo is fun. I was rooting for it to win last night.-John Sexton

I find it disturbing that my amigo John Sexton sat on the edge of his sofa rooting for any movie. But to root for Ben AFLACK, I have to admit that I got a little nauseous. We have all watched liberal actors give great performances in movies and given two rat’s behinds about their political affiliation , but when the Clooney’s, Penn’s and the AFLACK’s of the world get honored, it really ticks me off. 

Btw, who won what? Aside from hearing about Jennifer Lawrence winning and Anne Hathaway winning. (I hate Anne’s short hair, when it was long, she was the spitting image of one of my ex-nightmares)