My only chance to brag to Iowahawk

In response to I’m a People Person, Dammit:

From my 2011 article at The Daily Caller, “America Needs the Bobs”:

We need executioners of government spending. A good place to start is D.C.  Every bureaucrat needs to answer the question the Bobs put forth in Office  Space: What would you say you do here?

Unfortunately, we can’t unload our country’s problems on the Bobs. Voters who  are committed to conservative principles need to be the Bobs. Some government  programs will need to be cut. Maybe some that benefit people you know. Some  federal employees will need to be laid off. Maybe some you know. These are the  hard choices that Congress and the super-committee will need to make. Voters  need to have the maturity and resolve to support those who put our country’s financial  stability first.