Remind Them Every Day – Obama Chose to Inflict This Pain.

In response to State-run media rides to the rescue on sequestration:

Far from challenging Obama for his obvious lies on sequestration, some quarters of the media (and I’m being charitable by saying “some”) are happily carrying his water and running “news items” that could have been written by David Axelrod. Oh, wait, that is his official job at MSNBC now.

Even I’m surprised at how quickly Obama’s praetorian guard fell in line. I guess we’ll see how this all plays out.

As Jen Rubin noted:

First and foremost, the voters have seen President Obama at his very worst. The Post editorial board observes, “Washington has reached a strange place indeed when the opposition party offers the president more control over spending — and he refuses it.” If the GOP is on the ball they will remind voters of this day in and day out. If nothing else, it may dissuade the White House from finding “horror” stories. For each one the Republicans’ reply is simply, “President Obama chose to inflict this pain.”

Of course, it will be up to Republicans to remind the American people of this fact because the state run media certainly won’t.