Confessions of a Queen Bee

In response to Lady Bosses:

Reading the WSJ article in Liz’s post and this sentence jumped out at me, “The female boss who not only has zero interest in fostering the careers of women who aim to follow in her footsteps…”

Since when is it the job of female (or male) bosses to have an interest in fostering their employee’s careers just because they are the same gender?  If a male school principal took an interest in furthering the career of a male teacher (a field dominated by women), I’m sure lots of people would have a problem with that. 

Now, whether candidates are pushed aside simply because of their gender, that’s hard to say.  My gut tells me that female employees who are too busy keeping score (like keeping track of when they’re left out of meetings, whether male counterparts are cut off mid-sentence vs. when they are) may be lacking in their work product. 

In the second scenario in the WSJ article, another”Queen Bee” spreads supposedly false rumors about a female colleague.  I think whether this woman was in charge or not she still would exhibit the same gossipy, unprofessional behavior.  To borrow from Freud, sometimes a b**** is just a b****.