Organizing For Acce$$ And Astroturf

 Today, Crossroads GPS released an “informercial” about Obama’s new non-profit Organizing for Action, which they’ve dubbed, Organizing for Acce$$:

An interesting aside:

 A couple of weeks ago, Organizing for Action, (Obama’s campaign arm) was  caught using spambots (phoney
sockpuppet twitter accounts) to show inflated support for Obama’s anti-gun
agenda on Twitter. And now, would you believe that
MSNBC (Obama’s media arm) has been caught doing the very same thing?! I know! Shocking, huh? In other news, MSNBC recently hired David Axelrod, aka the  “master of astroturfing” as a senior political analyst. Oh, did I mention that Axelrod also serves as a consultant for OFA?