Top 5 Movies I'll Watch This Weekend

If things work out as hoped, I’ll throw in a few “Rockford Files” episodes, as well. That show’s been on constant rotation at the Nolte home since 1993.

But here’s the agenda as of now.

I’ll certainly update with any changes.

1. Zero Dark Thirty – Excited about this one, especially the scenes where the bad guys get waterboarded.

2. This Is 40 – Kinda dreading this one. Apatow is ridiculously overrated, I hate raunch, I hate navel-gazing, and I hate dramas over 115 minutes that aren’t directed by David Lean or starring Charlton Heston.

3. Lost – We’re already on the last episode of season two. This show is crack, I tell you, crack!

4.  King of Kings (1961) – Perfect for Lent.

5. A bunch of those 20th Century-Fox archive titles.

Of course, I’ll spend most of the weekend working on the basement remodel.

But you have to make time for TV — it’s in the Constitution.