Sen. Rubio -The Venezuelan Govt and Their 'Chavista' Constitution, Talks Menendez

Senator Marco Rubio was recently confronted by the Spanish-language television network Telemundo and was asked to give his opinion on the recent death of Venezuelan strong-man Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s “Chavista” electoral future, and the ongoing scandal in which his colleague in the U.S. Senate, Senator Bob Menendez is currently involved in.


When asked about the fluid political developments in Venezuela after Hugo Chavez’s death, Rubio stated-


The most important thing is the security of the Venezuelan people , Venezuela’s future is up to the Venezuelan people. What we need to do is always defend the Democratic rights of all the people in this hemisphere, of all the people in the world, especially the people in Venezuela, and its extremely important that they are protected.

Asked if he believes the Venezuelan elections are in jeopardy, Rubio said-

Venezuela has a constitution, a constitution that leaves a lot to be desired, if they are not even respecting the “Chavista” constitution, how are they going to respect that the rights of the Venezuelan people.


Rubio was referring to the ‘Chavista’ government that is still in place in Venezuela.

Rubio was then asked about the allegations levied against Senator Menendez-

Obviously, I don’t  support any personal attacks against anyone, and I would let Senator Menendez address those allegations himself.


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