Vote fraud never, ever happens…

… so please pay no attention to the indictment of devout Obama-worshiper Melowese Richardson of Cincinnati, Ohio, who was just indicted on eight counts of ballot fraud, six of them stemming from the six extra Obama votes she cast in the 2012 election.  She allegedly also cast fraudulent ballots in two previous elections, offenses which clearly weren’t detected for quite a while.  

Her defense is that it was all a big misunderstanding because she didn’t understand the ballot rules, and thought it would be cool to vote in person as well as sending an absentee ballot, just to make sure her hyper-important support for the re-election of Obama was registered.  It’s easy to understand how she might have been confused by this blindingly obvious aspect of election law, since she’s only a… veteran poll worker.  And her excuse was stretched even thinner by the five additional ballots she filled out for Obama, beyond that first “just in case” duplicate.

Richardson is a defiant “by any means necessary” neo-fascist who thinks Obama has a “right to sit as President of the United States,” but other people in her area were also charged with duplicate voting for filling out the ballots of deceased loved ones, presumably in an effort to ensure their dying electoral wishes were carried out.  One of those other people was a nun, and Dean of Arts and Humanities at Mount St. Joseph, who resigned her post and pled guilty to avoid indictment.  

The casual attitude of these other people toward vote fraud is at least as troubling as Richardson’s deliberate corruption.  We urgently need to leverage Information Age technology to create a solid voting system that prevents both accidental double votes and malevolent fraud, a system in which the integrity of each transaction is carefully verified… you know, the way just about every state in the Union carefully verifies the millions of lottery tickets they sell every week, or collects identification with every alcohol purchase.  How can the same people who advocate strict regulation of the Second Amendment be taken seriously when they treat common-sense voter ID as a violation of civil rights?