Pro-Abort Catholic Joe Biden Says He Must Attend Mass for Pope Francis or 'I'll Lose My Soul'

Not that bizarre utterances are anything new to this Vice President….

Life News reported:

Vice-President Joe Biden has put his foot in his mouth again, this
time with regard to the controversy over his leading the American
delegation to attend the installation of Pope Francis as the new Pope.

Never mind that Vice President Joe Biden has been rebuked by his own
bishop over his pro-abortion views, President Barack Obama chose him to
lead the delegation. That decision prompted an outcry from Catholics and
pro-life non-Catholics alike because of Biden’s longstanding
pro-abortion record. Some pro-life advocates have called for Biden to be
prohibited from receiving communion at any ceremony for Pope Francis.

Biden has said he plans to attend the celebratory Mass. He confirmed he
will be attending a reception tonight with the presidential delegation
to the inaugural mass with American officials based in Rome. Biden says
he has to attend “or I’ll lose my soul.”

Biden’s comment came as he met at the Villa Aurelia with Serbian
President Tomislav Nikolic, according to reporters on the scene.

I would submit that if  he were really worried about the status of his soul, he would have a different stance on abortion, and he certainly would not support an HHS Mandate that forces religious people to violate their
consciences. It’s nothing less than a travesty that a supporter of a policy that infringes on the religious liberties of American Catholics would be leading the American
delegation to attend the installation of our new Pope.


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