Poll: Plurality Favor Sequester, Think President Used Scare Tactics

The President’s predictions of doom and gloom if the sequester cuts took place seems not to have convinced most Americans.  A Fox News poll released today found 49 percent of respondents labeled the cuts a “good thing” while just 37 percent felt the opposite.

The near-majority support for the cuts was strongest among Republicans at 59 percent, but even 39 percent of Democrats felt the cuts were good.

When it came to the rhetoric about the sequester, 48 percent felt the President “deliberately exaggerated to try to scare people.” There was a larger partisan split on this issue with 74 percent of Republicans saying the President exaggerated and just 22 percent of Democrats agreeing.

Independent fact checkers found the President’s claims (and those of his surrogates) about the effects of sequester were exaggerated or outright false. Two weeks ago, Politico noted six examples where fact checkers had judged administration statements about the sequester either false or mostly false.

The Fox poll also found that a super-majority of voters believe we have an immediate debt problem, while 27 percent believe we have a few years. Additionally, 85 percent said the President should be “required” to balance its budget.