Beyonce: Understanding Hip Hop Culture and Politics

Beyonce: Understanding Hip Hop Culture and Politics

In the 80’s Liberals pushed the single parent home.  So in the 90’s, there were more single parent homes, a majority of which were in the black community.  And a vast majority of those black single MOTHERS were on government welfare.

When Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich worked together on Welfare Reform, they forced a lot of those mothers off of the system.  These women were forced to go back home and go back to school because welfare was no longer an option.  Star Parker tells a great story of her experiences in Uncle Sam’s Plantation.

Enter 2000’s, Charlie’s Angels, Destiny’s Child and the birth of the Independent Woman. 

Black women began to gain a place in business, medicine, real estate, and every other industry.  They were made to feel uncomfortable in their poverty and they made away without the help of Uncle Sam.  The Independent woman craze took hold of Hip Hop because it was a reflection of what was occuring in the black community.

Beyonce became a reflection of that movement.  The words above say it all….


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