Cyber Beat Daily: Indictment in Koch Cyberattack + The Day's Top Tech Stories

Today’s top stories in social media, technology and gaming for 3/27 include: charges for a Wisconsin man accused in the 2011 Koch Industries cyberattack during the Wisconsin recall protests, a widespread DDoS attack affects almost the entire internet, more on the Elizabeth Ailes stalking story, Facebook friend holds a woman at gunpoint, court orders Ohio girls in rape case off of social media, Anonymous to be featured in TV episode of “The Good Wife”, a well-known poet wins charges against her cyberstalker, sentencing for the woman who duped people out of thousands of dollars with fake Cancer claim, and a few gamer news updates.

Read below for these stories and more.

Featured Story

At the height of the 2011 Wisconsin recall protests, Anonymous and
labor unions teamed up to target the eeeeevillll Koch brothers.  After
an organized DDoS cyberattack, the law has caught up with one of its

Remember Those WI Recall Protests? Man Indicted for Cyberattack on Koch Industries



Social Media Trends, Happenings and Faux Pas.

The power of the hashtag.
Are #hashtags geeky? 71% of social media users say no

With Facebook friends like this…
Report: Facebook friend invades home, holds woman at gunpoint

Hoaxes, Harassment and Hacking.


‘The woman who faked breast cancer and collected thousands of dollars of donations because of it faced many of her victims in court Wednesday during her sentencing.’

Woman Sentenced for Breast Cancer Hoax

Roger Ailes’ wife target of biographer.  ‘Even on Twitter, No means No.’

Some Advice for Unauthorized Roger Ailes Biographer, Gabriel Sherman

A new episode draws striking similarities to the Steubenville, Ohio rape trial.

‘Anonymous’ to be Featured in Rape Trial Plot of CBS’ ‘The Good Wife’

A massive DDoS attack is having widespread reverberating impacts all across the web.

‘Biggest Attack Ever’ Impacts Web Users as Spamhaus Falls Victim to Retaliation

Law and Order.

Tweet justice or heightened hysteria?

Ohio girls get house arrest, lose social media privileges for threatening rape victim

Blogger/law professor Ann Althouse points out that the offending Steubenville tweet was lyrics to a rap song.

Teenager arrested for tweeting rap lyric containing the word “homicide.”

‘Author of “The Dash” says anti-troll activists made her fear for her life.’

“I made some stupid posts”: Anti-troll site gagged after threats against poet

There are valid arguments on both sides of this issue, making it a never-ending debate.

Anti-Hacking Laws Hamper Private Efforts to Hunt Cybercriminals


Facebook says that 20% of its daily traffic comes from users playing games on its network, and it plans to expand upon game features in the future.  Because, you know, you weren’t already slacking off enough at work…or on the couch…
Facebook Brings Big Numbers to Game Developers Conference


Blame all teh gamez! “Backed by the usual suspects at the university that continues to publish studies saying that video games are basically responsible for everything wrong with children today…”

Iowa State Researchers Find Link Between Juvenile Offenders and Playing Violent Video Games


Not a leak, the official trailer.
EA announces ‘Battlefield 4’ with a 17-minute gameplay trailer