It's Never Too Early to Accomplish Great Things

In response to In Reponse to Bill Kristol:

I greatly admire Bill and understand his point may have been about making policy out of the fluctuating nature of polls and views of younger generations.  Still, here are just a few fun facts:

– William F. Buckley published “God and Man at Yale” at age 25

– Buckley founded “National Review” at age 29

– Irving Kristol began writing for “Commentary” magazine at age 26

– Marco Rubio elected to Florida House of Representatives at age 28

– Paul Ryan elected to U.S. House of Representatives at age 28

– Marcus Luttrell served during “Operation Iraqi Freedom” and earned the Purple Heart at age 29

– Phyllis Schlafly was a researcher for the American Enterprise Institute at age 22

(Note: Ages are give or take one year because in most cases months of founding/work aren’t listed)