But Don't Blame Social Media for Government Inefficiency

In response to Congressional Staffers Social Media Feeds Tracked by LegiStorm:

Though not the point of Kerry’s post, I thought this article out today was interesting:

Think Facebook’s your biggest productivity killer in the office? Think again. Social network-obsessed employees just might be your highest performers.

A recent survey by the data analytics firm Evolv suggests that employees who use up to four social media networks are exceptionally productive–and they stay in their jobs longer, too.

Evolv gave its survey to employees of its call center clients, and garnered about 100,000 responses. Of the call center employees, whose positions ranged from sales to customer care, approximately 5,000 did not belong to any social networks at all. Thirty-three thousand belonged to between one and four networks, while only 1,300 belonged to more than five.

This tiny group of social network butterflies, however, ranked as the most efficient. Employees who belonged to more than five social networks had a 1.6 percent higher sales conversion than their counterparts and a 2.8 percent lower average call time.