The Race Card Wins Because Conservatives Play the Game

In response to To Ta-Nehisi Coates, Dr. Carson is Just Another Sambo Doll:

 When Dr. Ben Carson spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast he didn’t play with the race card.  He used biblical principles, common sense and a lack of vitriol in modern politics; he was a breath of fresh air.

Now Dr. Ben Carson is nothing more than a political football.  The left calls him names and the right races to defend him.  Just once I would love a black conservative to stand up and say “STOP DEFENDING ME AND START DEFENDING MY IDEAS.”

From talking about the Fair or Flat tax, the conversation has switched to “fair to black conservatives” or “flat out hypocrisy of the left”.  From talking about why do you want to punish the rich, the conversation has switched to punshing white and black liberals for stupidity that comes naturally.  From talking about education starting in the home, the conversation has switched to educating the choir on a song they already know. 

Dr. Ben Carson will lose his luster not because Liberals destroy him with the race card but because we don’t keep the conversation on his message.  Every interview Dr. Carson spends defending himself from the left is precious minutes not explaining why the government works for us and how we can put it back in it’s place.   Every minute we spend defending him is a moment we lose educating an unaware popluation to his message.

The left wants us to fight amongst ourselves and if we don’t, they don’t mind lulling us into a fight with them.  They day we refuse to play will be the day they lose their power.


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