Marco Rubio Wonders Why Jay-Z Didn't Ask Him About Cuba

Since I write about Jay-Z all the time, most of the time exalting the Capitalist messages in his music, I must also talk about his Democratic side. 

I’ve made my opinion known on how I feel about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s trip to Cuba.  They are Useful Idiots and continuing to make them the center of the story instead of Cuba’s repressive regime and the poverty caused by Communism, helps the Useful Idiots win.

But let me respond to a question posed by Senator Marco Rubio, “If Jay-Z wanted to know about Cuba, why didn’t he come and ask me?” 

OK Senator Rubio, if you want to know how to sell Capitalism to a depressed community, why didn’t you ask Jay-Z?  If you want to know how to get poverty stricken Americans, without a stable two parent home, to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and fight for a greater position in life, why didn’t you ask Jay-Z?

If the answer is because he’s nothing more than a former drug dealer turned rapper, maybe you have the answer to why he didn’t come to you for first hand knowledge on Cuba.

Inclusion is a two way street.  Republicans are branded racist and ignored by the Black community.  Hip Hop is branded unacceptable and ignored by the Conservative community.  So we snipe at each other, with no real conversation, and wonder why we can’t all just get along.


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