McCotter Files Suit

Several days ago I posted about the case against former staffers for Thaddeus McCotter.  An ABC affiliate in Michigan uncovered evidence that the former staffers, Don Yowchuang and Dillon Breen, forged signatures on McCotter’s re-election petition for money.  When it was revealed that more than half of the signatures were fake, McCotter, a popular incumbant, was not able to run for re-election.  McCotter has now filed a civil suit against Yowchuang and Breen.   In a release from McCotter’s lawyer:

Former U.S. Representative Thaddeus McCotter filed a civil suit today against former Deputy District Director Don Yowchuang and Dillon Breen in Wayne County’s 3rd Circuit Court.   The complaint alleges Yowchuang and Breen purposefully submitted forged petitions in order to keep McCotter off the ballot and, thereby, denying him the opportunity to appear on the August 2012 Republican Primary ballot.  The 55-page complaint carefully details all of the inconsistencies in the defendants depositions with Michigan’s Attorney General and outlines the specific misrepresentations the defendants made to investigators.  Additionally, the complaint specifically details charges of fraud and conspiracy by the defendants against the former Congressman.

David Ottenwess, attorney for McCotter, said, “With the power of the subpoena in this civil suit, we will get to the bottom of what really happened to sabotage former U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter and get justice for the people of the 11th District to protect the integrity of the election process from this perversion of conspiracy, fraud and greed.”

Yowchuang has pled no contest to 10 felony counts related to petition fraud, but no new information has surfaced on who paid to sabotage McCotter’s campaign.  More from Ottenwess:

“Our own right to subpoena in this civil case will allow us to insure the public sees every financial document domestic and/or abroad and will allow us to follow the money to find whomever is responsible for this scam of the public trust.  The people of the 11th District will get the justice they deserve.  In this case, our election system was perverted by conspiracy and fraud to deny the People the opportunity to have the Representative they spent a decade re-electing to the U.S. House of Representatives continuing to serve as their voice in Washington.