Price of Burden

In response to Stones pack the LA house with a chip off the ‘buck’:

I’m also a Stones fan.  I was just saying to a friend last night at the Rush (the band) concert in Virginia Beach that I really wanted to see the Stones, but I can’t avoid the ticket price or the trip to the nearest show.  My first thought in reading David’s post was that if I scrounged up enough money for the full price ticket and then saw that tickets were slashed I would be angry.  But, really this happens all the time in retail.  You buy some item of clothing and then see it marked down.  You book a hotel room, but others get the same room at a discount when the hotel scrambles to fill empty rooms.  The way I see it, it’s gambling — betting the good seats with sell out, they’ll be out of your size in a week or you’ll be left with an inferior hotel room.

Anyway, this post is just an excuse to link to my favorite Stones song.