It’s time for a full, complete boycott of all of NBC and a boycott of links to all media channels, except in the absolutely legally or ethically required cases.

We link a lot of time when it’s easy enough to rewrite.  It’s time to just rewrite, and provide attribution.  Stating that news comes from the New York Times, and such-and-such a reporter, is attribution.  A link is not required.

The laws of fair use must be respected — but no courtesy beyond what the law demands.

The only pieces which really need to be linked are extensive backgrounders, which would be impossible to digest quickly, articles containing a great deal of news and quotes, etc.

But the typical media piece contains one or two sentences of actual new news and then a recapitulation of background information that everyone knows.  It’s a simple enough matter to simply rewrite the actual new information and note the source.

Thinking further about this: Any time a media story is to be linked, the ethical blogger should search for alternative sources citing the story, or digesting the story; other blogs, for example, or Breitbart, or Hot Air, or whoever, and link to that source.  Direct links should be avoided, except, again, in the unavoidable case.

Bloggers should endeavor to rewrite important news stories, quoting almost nothing except direct quotes of principals (where necessary), and thus make themselves a linkable source for that information.

Any time a non-media source for a story is available, that source, and not the media, should be linked, even if (again) it is noted that the story comes from John Q. Reporter at the Washington Post.

It is time to stop giving aid, comfort, and traffic to the enemy. 

“If truth be the first casualty of War, let NBC be the second.” — Moron Pundit