Google Glasses Become Even Creepier

Google Glasses Become Even Creepier

When I read the headline, “First pornographic app for Google Glass set to launch ‘within days’ as adult  film directors pledge to explore ‘full potential’ of the controversial gadget” my first thought was “What took so long?”

From the Daily Mail:

Porn could come to Google Glass as early as  this week, with the first X- rated app set to be launched for those who have the  £1,000 gadget.

Porn directors last week announced plans to  use Google Glass eyewear for X-rated films to explore the ‘full potential’ of  the technology.

Now the Android adult app store MiKandi has  reportedly confirmed it is already making content to be viewed on the wearable  computer, and it could ready within the next few days.

Like Godwin’s Rule, there must be some Internet rule that every new technology will eventually evolve into a porn delivery system.  Maybe Jameson’s Rule?