Shoeshiner Donates $200K In Tips To Children’s Hospital

Shoeshiner Donates $200K In Tips To Children’s Hospital

Pittsburgh — According to ABC News, a 71-year-old shoeshine man has donated over $200,000 of his tip money to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. In fact, for the past 36 years, Albert Lexie who has been shining shoes since he was 15, has donated every cent of his tips to various charities, an idea he got from watching telethons. 

According to the report, Mr. Lexie has been described as “developmentally disabled,” with the innocence of a child and painfully shy.  

Every Tuesday and Thursday he can be found shining shoes at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Albert considers that “one skill” a gift from God.  Albert is a man of faith and says it demands that whatever gift or gifts God gives him, he is obligated and rejoicing for the opportunity to share it.

At 71, Albert Lexie has had only one job his entire life. He is shoeshine man. 

He is also an inspiration. 

Photograph ABC News 

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