Termites Feast On Woman’s Life Savings

Termites Feast On Woman’s Life Savings

CHINA — A Chinese woman almost lost her life savings recently when termites invaded a wooden drawer in which she kept a plastic bag containing 400,000 yuan: the equivalent of $65,000 U.S. dollars. 

It was only after the woman decided to redecorate her house in Guandong Province that she noticed the termites had dined on her nest egg.  According to the Guangzhou Daily, the money was given to the woman by her children. 

A local bank generously scanned the remaining cash and was able to identity 340,000 yuan which means the termite’s meal ultimately cost the woman roughly $9,786. 

For more stories from the Guangzhou Daily.  And if you happen to be traveling through Guandong Province, don’t miss the Yangjian Kite Festival held on Chongyang Festival (the 9th day of the 9th Chinese Lunar month)

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