Bank Error Shows Woman $300 Million In Debt

GEORGIA — Due to a bizarre series of bank errors, a Georgia woman finds herself in the strange predicament of owing 300 million dollars. 

After having problems paying bills online and paying for gas, Ann Wiley checked her accounts at Sun Trust Bank where she learned that she was $100 million in debt from her savings, and $100 million in debt from checking.  According to Wiley, she woke up the next day only discover she owed another $100 million. 

Wiley was told by Sun Trust Bank that the problem was with the Georgia Department of Revenue. The Georgia Department of Revenue says they have no documents showing that they are in the wrong. Both institutions are now working in concert to investigate. 

Currently, Wiley has no money and is being helped out by friends.  However, she’s confident that the bank and the DOR will resolve the the situation.  She’s less confident that she’ll be able to scrape together $300 million. 

Jon David Kahn is the Minister of Culture for Breitbart News Network.

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