Illegal immigration and collective responsibility

Matt Boyle has a video of heartbreaking testimony from a Los Angeles man whose 17-year-old son was murdered on his front lawn by an illegal alien gang member in 2008.  The slain youth’s mother was serving in Iraq at the time of his murder.  

The illegal alien – who had a history of violence and prior arrests, and was on early release from prison at the time of the killing – shot his victim in the stomach, then finished him off with a bullet to the head while he was pleading for his life.  The district attorney’s office said the victim’s race was one reason he was chosen for this random act of brutality, so this has hate-crime dimensions too.

No one seems to know why this violent individual was given early release from prison, or why Immigration authorities didn’t pick him up from jail.  But don’t worry about gang members getting in on the amnesty action, because the same system that let this guy out of jail will be standing guard against them, and they have to verbally state they’re not in a gang anymore to claim legalization status.  

Question: President Obama and his allies are very big on blaming law-abiding gun owners and groups like the NRA for every incident of gun violence.  Doesn’t that principle of collective responsibility apply to open-borders advocates when illegal aliens commit a crime?