Family Devastated After Groomer Loses Their Dog

EASTVALE ( — An Eastvale family is devastated after alleging that a dog groomer lost their 5-year-old toy poodle. Andrea Baerga said she dropped off her two dogs,  Bodie and Q Tip, for grooming at Doggy Paws in Norco last Thursday. Bodie has not been seen since. 

Baerga told a reporter that she and her husband called the groomer repeatedly throughout the day for updates but nobody answered the phone, and when they arrived to pick up their dogs that evening, they were told that Bodie had simply disappeared. 

The groomer and co-owner, Guy Guillen said “We don’t know what happened to the dog. We don’t know where the dog is at. Sometime between the time we put the dog down and went to grab the dog, he was gone.” According to Guillen, it’s conceivable that Bodie pushed through an unlatched dog door and made a break for it through the front door. 

Baergas is worried about the coyotes that roam the nearby hills. In fact, she said “I’m worried about the coyotes.” 

Breitbart News reached out to Doggy Paws groomers for comment but nobody picked up the phone.