Shark Gobbles Up 3 Tropical Fish At Applebee's Restaurant

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An aquarium housed by the Applebee’s on Coney Island turned into a veritable feeding frenzy last Friday, when a blacktip shark named “Zane” made a meal out of three tropical fish that shared the 5,000 gallon aquarium. 

According to Applebee’s owner, Zane Tankel:

The fish had not eaten during four days of transportation to the restaurant, and the shark probably acted on instinct when it attacked the tropical fish…the fact that one of the sharks ate its neighbors means the fish is comfortable in its new surroundings.

Apparently not that comfortable…because that same day in the tank, a whitetip shark met its maker after slamming into a replica of the Wonder Wheel. 

The remaining sharks have been removed from the tank. 

The Applebee’s owner made no reference as to why he named the hungry shark after himself.