McConnell Bugger Threatens to Take 'Louisville Slugger' to NRSC Comms Director

In response to McConnell bugger afforded more rights than James Rosen:

On Saturday evening,  Curtis Morrison, the Democrat activist who is under investigation for secretly recording a Republican strategy session, exchanged some contentious tweets with Brad Dayspring, the Communications Director for The National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Morrison has admitted to standing outside of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign headquarters, last February, and recording the meeting with his flip phone.  He claims that he held the phone near a vent in a door to get better audio. 

Mother Jones magazine published a transcript of the recording on April 9 and posted the audio recording on its website that day.Under both state and federal law, people are generally not allowed to record a conversation in which they aren’t participating, unless the participants are speaking so loudly that they forfeit the expectation of privacy.

Despite being the subject of a criminal investigation, the 44 year old activist, who is unemployed and currently living  with his sister in California, has kept a fairly high profile in the media. 

He has written a piece for Salon, a national news website, in which he acknowledged making the recording, and has gone on national television to imply that members of political action committees illegally attended the McConnell meeting. 

He’s also given numerous interviews with local reporters.

Morrison is also a prolific twitter user who exchanged the following tweets with Dayspring on June 22:

Earlier this month, Louisville defense lawyer, Thomas Clay said that if he were representing Morrison, he would recommend that his client not speak to the media. 

He said that his words now could be used against him not only during the trial but during sentencing when federal judges take into account whether the accused has accepted blame and shown remorse.

“This could only hurt him,” Clay said. “He’d be well advised to keep his mouth shut.”

Morrison said that his lawyer has outlined the consequences of talking publicly but that he has decided to do it anyway in hopes of making people understand McConnell.

Because according to Morrison, “everyone should denounce him.”