Abortion Mob to Descend on Ohio Statehouse Today

In response to Media Embrace Mob Rule in Texas:

We can expect more of the same in Ohio, where Governor Kasich is considering a budget bill that includes several pro-life measures. Pro-aborts, organized by NARAL plan to storm the statehouse today to put pressure on Kasich to veto the bill, and the media is reporting the story from an angle favoring the pro-abort crowd.

The Columbus Dispatch reports:

Protesters plan to pack the Statehouse today to urge Gov. John Kasich to veto abortion restrictions slipped into the two-year state budget at the last minute.They’re hoping to follow the success of hundreds of Texas women who swarmed the legislature there to derail an anti-abortion bill. 

However, the odds of it happening in Ohio are slim.Kasich is a Republican governor who likely has signed more anti-abortion legislation than any Ohio governor. The protesters’ best reason for hope right now might be that Kasich would not rule out a line-item veto yesterday. 

“Let me make it clear, I will examine the language keeping in mind the fact that I am pro-life, period,” Kasich said, after he was asked by reporters for the fifth time. 

Republican majorities in the House and Senate introduced several pro-life regulations into the budget, including provisions that would require a doctor to detect a fetal heartbeat and tell the woman about the statistical probability of carrying the fetus to full term before performing an abortion. The budget also includes provisions that would cut off Planned Parenthood from federal family-planning dollars.

That is what Democrats consider “extreme” in post-Gosnell America.

Democrats already have begun to hit Kasich.

McGrath said it “isn’t a matter of politics: It’s a matter of standing up for Ohio women.”The idea behind today’s planned protest — organized by NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio — is to re-create the scene from the Texas legislature from Tuesday night. 

Hundreds of women stormed the Texas Senate floor and helped Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis protest a vote on a bill that would’ve banned abortions past 20 weeks, among other things.

Commenting on the outrage surrounding the pro-life provisions, Kasich said, “I think the legislature has a right to stick things in budgets and put policy in budgets. It happens in conference committees. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here in the way in which they’ve decided this.” 

“I’ll look at the language, keeping in mind that I’m pro-life,” he said.

Chrissie Thompson @CThompsonENQ of  Cincinnati.com is live-tweeting events as they happen in the Statehouse.