Groupon lifts ban on gun-related deals in some cities

From Red Alert:

“We have decided to reopen certain firearm-related deals in specific markets where they’ve been frequently requested by both merchants and customers,” Nicholas Halliwell, a public relations officer for Groupon wrote in an email to Red Alert.

The reintroduction of gun deals — which include firing ranges and skeet shooting — is a “pretty recent decision” according to Halliwell, who noted that no public statement on the decision had yet been made.

This decision comes months after the company abruptly cancelled one gun shop owner’s coupon for a concealed handgun training course and subsequently issued a statement in January declaring a hiatus on gun-related deals.

As a Groupon user, I’m glad to see that they’re reversing the knee-jerk decision to discontinue gun-related deals.  One wonders how much revenue was lost by local businesses and Groupon because of this decision.  I won’t belabor the point, but instead give them credit for correcting their policy.