Biden Calls Ecuador Pres. About NSA Leaker Snowden

Biden Calls Ecuador Pres. About NSA Leaker Snowden

According to reports, Vice President Biden called Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa yesterday urging him to reject the asylum request of Edward Snowden.  The call from Biden was revealed by Correa during a television interview in Ecuador. 

“The Vice President spoke with President Correa on June 28. They engaged in a broad conversation regarding the bilateral relationship,” said National Security Council spokesperson Bernadette Meehan in a statement. “They did discuss Mr. Snowden, but we are not going to provide details on their discussion.”

Correa said that there would be no decision about Snowden unless he was on Ecuadorian territory and that Snowden would “have to assume his own responsibilities.”

Last week,  President Obama said there would be no “wheeling and dealing” to get back the “29 year old hacker.”

Edward Snowden is believed to be in the transit area of the Moscow airport after he left Hong Kong.