If You’re Sick Of Being Lied To By This Regime, Raise Your Hand

In response to Our long national yachting nightmare is over at last:

The weird thing about Yachtgate is that this pathological Administration felt the need to lie about it at all.  They could have just said Kerry’s yacht is fully equipped to handle his communications needs in an emergency, yadda yadda yadda.  But instead, their first response was to straight-up lie to the American public about the whereabouts of their Secretary of State. 

It’s not really a surprise that the Regime’s first instinct was to lie at the first whiff of scandal – (not that John Kerry relaxing on his yacht, rather than ineptly meddling in Egyptian affairs is not a welcome sort of minor issue.) They’ve been getting away with blatantly lying to the American people for four and a half years, now.

While Kerry’s R & R during an international crisis is nothing to get “wee wee’d up” about, the constant bold faced lies we’re fed day in and day out by this Regime, is another thing altogether.

Jen Psaki came to the State Department with no foreign policy experience whatsoever, but was Obama’s traveling Press Secretary during his reelection campaign. 

As you may remember, after that  shockingly offensive and false political ad featuring Joe Soptic backfired on them, Psaki denied that the Obama administration had “any knowledge of the story or of the family” prior to the ad being run. 

It was soon revealed that Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager, Stephanie Cutter had hosted an Obama campaign conference call in which Soptic told reporters the very story featured in the Priorities spot. 

The Obama campaign got a little bit of heat for the blatant lies his spox told,  but not the major media backlash it deserved. 

That’s why lying is a way of life for this administration – it’s their first impulse whenever anything goes even slightly wrong, and why not? There’s never a price to pay.

Case in point…here’s a Politco writer, actually thanking Jen Psaki for being “forthcoming” about YachtGate:

As long as the media and the American people allow them to keep lying with impunity, it will continue.